About Us – Silver Mexican Treasures

About Us

Silver Mexican Treasures is a socially responsible company and we are committed to giving back to the Mexican community. Our values are: Ethics, Honesty, Responsibility, Quality, Integrity, and Love for Taxco's silver artisans. 

About the Founder

Silver Mexican Treasures’ founder, Alicia Belmont, was raised in the world of jewellery. Spending time in her father’s workshop in Mexico, she would watch as he and his team of artisans worked meticulously to bring his handcrafted designs to life.

When it was time to build her career, she saw an opportunity to follow in her father’s footsteps. Alicia is dedicated to engaging in fair trade, improving livelihoods, and supporting Mexican artisans and culture by designing authentic, quality Mexican silver jewellery and accessories to share with the world.

About the Jewellery

We offer a unique selection of high-quality 0.925 sterling silver and stone jewellery for women, men, and children.

Silver quality and purity makes a big difference to jewellery longevity. Often, silver jewellery is poor quality and mass produced – or not even real silver at all. And Mexican jewellery can sometimes be marketed as “925” when in actuality it’s silver plated, imported and doesn’t truly support Mexican artisans. 

With handcrafted small-batch designs and limited production, our jewellery is made with love and care. And high-purity silver means you will enjoy your enduring Silver Mexican Treasures for life.

This is a purchase you can feel good about – supporting Mexican culture and livelihoods and directly benefiting the lives of Mexican women artisans.

About the Jewellers

Located in Taxco, Mexico, Silver Mexican Treasure’s jewellers are members of the "Consejo Regulator de Plata". Each product's raw silver is lab tested and certified by The Silver Laboratory for quality assurance.

About the Packaging 

Our jewellery is packaged with reusable, recyclable paper boxes and jute pouches. In addition, our earrings are delivered on a fully compostable seeded paper card that gives the bonus gift of wildflowers. Learn more about our eco-conscious approach