Tips on jewellery care – Silver Mexican Treasures

Tips on jewellery care

If you’ve ever discovered unappealing grey marks on your skin from wearing silver jewellery, you’ve experienced the effects of tarnished silver. Because of its vulnerability to tarnishing, sterling silver needs special care.


Oxygen – which produces tarnish – is silver’s worst enemy, so always be sure to tuck away your silver jewellery pieces in a drawer, plastic bag, or velvet pouch rather than leaving them out in the open. For extra protection, put paper anti-tarnish strips (widely available online and in jewellery stores) inside the containers.


Dish soap and toothpaste are common household items often used for jewellery cleaning, but these products are not designed for jewelry and can be too rough on the metals. Skip the toothbrush with its abrasive bristles, too.
Usually, wiping well-kept silver with a jewellery cloth will suffice for maintenance.

We recommend professional, Connoisseurs brand jewellery polishing wipes. These wipes restore a bright shine to silver and gold jewellery, cleaning and polishing without the messy liquids.

If tarnish has already appeared, we recommend using a solution specifically made for silver. However, do not use silver cleaning solutions on non-silver jewellery as they can damage other types of metals and gemstones.

For a homemade option to clean silver tarnish, create a thick paste using baking soda and a few drops of water. Gently apply the paste, then rinse thoroughly and dry the piece with a soft cloth.

Every online purchase comes with a dry wipe cloth to clean and polish your treasure.