Alteza Pendant – Silver Mexican Treasures
Alteza Pendant
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Alteza Pendant

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Pendant Sterling Silver 0.925, Dimensions 26 x 30 mm, Weight 10 grams

This heart is the perfect gift for a love one.

*About Mexican Treasures*
About the Jewellery

We offer a unique selection of high-quality silver and stone jewellery for women, men, and children.

Silver quality and purity makes a big difference to jewellery longevity. Often, silver jewellery is poor quality and mass produced – or not even real silver at all. And Mexican jewellery can sometimes be marketed as “handmade” when in actuality it’s manufactured, imported and doesn’t truly support Mexican artisans.

With handcrafted small-batch designs and limited production, our jewellery is made with love and care. And high-purity silver means you will enjoy your enduring Silver Mexican Treasures for life.

This is a purchase you can feel good about – supporting Mexican culture and livelihoods and directly benefiting the lives of Mexican women artisans.

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